The Death is fed up with hearing that she has no humor. So she decides to come among humans incarnate as a woman to take lessons of humor with Maurice, a sympathetic and full of spirit surgeon. But making the Death a funny person is quite tricky.

During a dinner in a restaurant, Maurice, a brilliant surgeon full of spirit, is approached in the bathroom by a woman as strange as willing. She explains that she is the Death and that she came to earth to learn to be funny. Maurice imagines he is dealing with a mad woman and kicks her out.

Drawings: Martin Viot / Script: Olivier Cotte

98 pages, Éditions du Long Bec, 2019.

ISBN: 978-2379-38036-5



Civilisation is dying.

The IA have escaped and have contaminated every electronic and eletrical device, including neuronal implants. It’s again a steam age. Who is responsable ? Most people believe all came from a area lost in Africa.

The army plan to send a man from the old school. 

His name is James Graham Keran and he can’t imagine what he will be confronted to.

Drawing: Xavier Coste / script: Olivier Cotte

148 pages, Éditions Casterman, 2017.

ISBN: 978-2-203-09438-3


Et si... (in Genre & Question Féminine)

What about if we exchange gender roles in our society?

Drawing: Marion Delannoy / script: Olivier Cotte

11 pages, Éditions l'Oeuf, 2017.

ISBN: 978-2913308-527



(from Ronald Hugh Morrieson)

Klynham, New-Zeland, in the 30’. A smal quiet town, until a young girl is raped and murdered. At the same time, Hubert Salter, a kind of magician, weird, arrives and the young Neddy who tells the story quickly give him the nickname of ’the scarcrow’. Salter quickly takes control of the village. Soon, new corpses, banishing persons, fires… Are all these events linked to this stranger?

Drawing: Jules Stromboni / script: Olivier Cotte

118 pages, Éditions Casterman, 2012.

ISBN: 978-2203048881

Nomination at the Angoulême Festival.



(from Michael Dibdin)

London, 1888. Scotland Yard ask for the help of Sherlock Holmes. Two horrible murders were just commited . Holmes works with the very few clues he has. And suddently, a lettre arrives, signed« Jack the Ripper »…

Drawing: Jules Stromboni / scrip: Olivier Cotte

118 pages. Éditions Casterman, 2010.

ISBN : 978-2203022263

Best script prize at Festi'BD 2011.

Best Graphic Novel prize at Lucioles BD 2011.



1912. The itlaian painter, Luciano Salvatori, is settled in Paris. He meets Picasso, Apollinaire, and lives in great poverty. Until a strange person asks him for a very special work: to imagine the war of the future. Who can be this mysterious businessman? And could we imagine that one of the purpose of art is the destruction?

Drawing: Jules Stromboni / script: Olivier Cotte

54 pages. Éditions Casterman, 2008.

ISBN : 9782203370173