1999: • Augustin, roi du kung-fu (directed by Anne Fontaine) : Credit sequence directing (AfterEffects).

        • Passion of mind (directed by Alain Berliner) : Digital color-correction of the FW sequences (Flame).

1997: • Le bossu (directed by Philippe de Broca) : off-line preparation of the main credit (Harry).

        • Assassin(s) (directed by Matthieu Kassovitz) : FX conception and off-line preparation (Flame).

        • The Climb (directed by Bob Swaim) : image processing coordinator, digital artist effects (Flame, matte-paintings).

        • Mad-city (directed by Costa Gavras) : digital artist effects (Flame).

        • L'annonce faite à Marius (directed by Harmel Sbraire) : oniric sequence director.

        • Pola X (directed by Leos Carax) : artistic director and CGI artist.

        • Un grand cri d’amour (directed by Josiane Balasko) : Main credit concept and direction.

1996: • Le mangeur de lune (directed by Sijie Dai) : FX conception and off-line preparation (Harry).

        • The Eighth Day (directed by Jaco van Dormael) : mise au point des effets spéciaux et maquettes off-line des plans (Harry).

1994: • Death and the Maiden (directed by Roman Polanski) : FX conception and off-line preparation (Harry).

1992: • Voice of the Spider (directed by Henri Barges) : artistic direction of the oniric sequence.

1991: • Until the End of the World (directed by Wim Wenders) : digital compositor (Harry).

1986: • The big-bang (directed by Picha) : best boy production assistant.