Studies of classical dance, music and painting. Has worked for movies and video as a computer artist (traditional cutting room, Harry, Flame), artistic director, FX supervisor and director from 1987 to 2002. Has collaborated on more than 700 commercials, more than a thousand corporates, 15 features, 1 Imax film, 7 Stereoscopic films, TV jingles, several films in animation, documentaries, and numerous short films.

Graphic novel scriptwriter since 2008.

Has written many books about animated films, including a technical and historical encyclopedia about animation worldwide (100 ans de cinéma d'animation), monographs on film directors, and animation techniques.

Journalist for magazines dedicated to movie and computer images.

Instructor of history and aesthetic of animation, digital techniques and mise en scène in France and abroad; follow through with the making of students films in Paris at Esag Penningen; The Gobelins; Esra. Works also at Ecole George Mélies (Orly); Waide Somme (Amiens); Esaat (Roubais; Arnika (Toujouse); European Animation Master Class (Halle, Germany), Taiwan Film Center (Taiwan); Tainan NAtional College of Art (Taiwan); Dundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian (Portugal); Jilin College of the Art (China); Communication University of China (China); Tsinghua (China)

Instructor of scriptwriting.

Works for international animated film festivals and DVD publishers.

Award for Special Contribution to Animation Research, at Animafest 2012.